Chefs have 1 hour to make 10 identical dishes from scratch staying within their $300 budget.  (Optimus gives each chef $100 toward their food cost)


The one hour includes: pre-time, cook time & platting dishes – NO COOKING OR PREP AHEAD OF TIME


1 station per chef: 1 oven, 4 burner stove, hand sink, prep table, refrigerator space.  Chef must provide their own ingredients & specialty plate ware

Each chef may bring one helper/sous chef to help with the competition




After the one hour limit is complete each chef will present & describe their signature dish in front of the audience to the panel of judges. They will also have to prove with receipts the total dollar amount they spent on their dish.

Judging will be based on the following criteria (point value system): Taste (50), Creativity (30) & Presentation (20) -Chefs will present to the panel of judges (between 4-6 total)

Scores will be added together and winner declared by the panel of judges after all contestants have presented



-1st place winner will received $1,000 cash prize from Optimus Foundation within 10 business days after the event

-1st, 2nd and 3rd places will be awarded by the panel of judges based on their final point tallies
-1 award will be presented for patron
People’s Choice Award”